The Cleanest Water Bottle on the Planet

We engineered the Waterfiller to provide the cleanest drinking experience – ever.

The heart of the bottle is our patented carbon filter. It takes ordinary tap water and delivers a pure, clean and great-tasting drink by removing chlorine, bad tastes, and odors.

Our special one-handed trigger-release design keeps the mouthpiece safe and protected from environmental contamination, so you don't get any of the bacterial exposure that is inevitable with the exposed mouthpieces on other bottles.

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Using the WaterFiller filtered water bottle is easy. Simply fill it with any potable water -
like tap water - and you’re ready to enjoy clear, clean-tasting water.


Save Time

Forget searching for bottled water during outings, lugging cases of water home from the market every week and recycling all those bottles!


Save money

Thousands of dollars are spent each year on water – and it is mostly for the packaging. Buy one Waterfiller and drink clean water infinitely!


Save the planet

90% of our water bottles still end up in a landfill as only 5% of the plastics we use are recovered. Waterfiller removes the waste.


Save the Flavor

Enjoy water with no chlorine, bad taste, odor or BPA residue.
Taste pure, clean water.


From the moment you hold it, you'll know the Waterfiller is not your standard water bottle. From drinkability and filtering all the way to cleaning, we did our research to find the perfect design. You get all the health benefits of drinking BPA-free water, but that's just the beginning. Our bottle is dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is a breeze. The trigger design means that whether you're running, biking, reading or driving, there's no need to tilt your head or look away to drink. The Waterfiller fits in standard cupholders, and the lanyard keeps your hands free when you're not using the bottle. Keeping cool just got a lot hotter!


We love feedback! It allows us to question ourselves, do not hesitate to give us yours.


Brian, Salt Lake City, UT

via Mail 10 days ago

When I climb the less we need the better. Waterfiller has been great!


Margo C., New Jersey

via Facebook 2 days ago

My son drinks more water than any child I know – he is seriously obsessed with water. Waterfiller give me access to water EVERYWHERE that I know is safe for him. Thanks!


Cory D, NYC

via FeedMe 7 days ago

Gym water coolers are disgusting. I bring my Waterfiller bottle, and know my water is clean and I am not bringing 3 water bottles anymore.


Jesse, Ann Arbor, MI

via FeedMe 7 days ago

My family and I love to camp. We all use our Waterfiller bottles on the bike trails because it is the only bottle that allows us to keep moving!


Ashley Burnett, Washington DC

via FeedMe 7 days ago

I just had to thank you for all the money this water bottle has saved our family!


Say goodbye to eco UN-friendly plastic water bottles – and say hello to the cleanest water bottle on the planet!

Plastics are made to last forever, yet most of our plastic products are designed to be thrown away. We only recover 5% of the plastic we produce, and 90% of all of our ocean trash is unrecycled plastic – with 46,000 pieces of it every square mile. You can help stop this devastating pollution by reducing your plastic waste, and ELIMINATING your use of disposable water bottles.

One Waterfiller Water Bottle


1 sports water bottle
3 carbon filers 


Two Waterfiller Water Bottles


2 sports water bottles
6 carbon filers 


Three Waterfiller Water Bottles


3 sports water bottles
9 carbon filters