High performance hydration for a high performance athlete.

Hydration is key to athlete performance. Waterfiller technology is a game changer for athletes. Waterfiller allows athletes to continue to:

  • Stay Healthy
    Purify any water source - Filter water to keep it BPA and chemical free.

  • Perform Better as You Hydrate
    There's no need to tilt your head or look away to drink - our technology is engineered for athletes to drink as they move.

  • Keep it Germ Free
    Squeeze the trigger to expose the protected straw, release it to retract, completely protecting it.

  • Save Money
    No more spending money on overpriced bottled waters! Refill your Waterfiller bottle over and over!

  • Be Hands Free
    Our one-hand technology allows you to drink with one hand only, and our lanyard keeps your water bottle close with no hands needed!

  • Save Time & Energy
    Forget hauling dozens of water bottles home from the supermarket, recycling, and restocking. 

One Waterfiller Water Bottle


1 sports water bottle
3 carbon filers 


Two Waterfiller Water Bottles


2 sports water bottles
6 carbon filers 


Three Waterfiller Water Bottles


3 sports water bottles
9 carbon filters