Spill free. Chemical free. BPA free. Offer your little one safe, purified water - anywhere.

Never again experience the “I’m thirsty” meltdown. The Waterfiller bottle is the choice of moms everywhere that want clean, purified healthy water, on the go. Never again have to carry endless water bottles, and Sippy cups – save money, your child’s health, and the planet by filling up your Waterfller bottle at any faucet and your child has instantly ready clean water – on the go!


Parents love Waterfiller because it:

  • Keeps Kids Healthy
    Purify any water source so it is chemical free.

  • BPA Free
    Made from 100% recycled plastic that is BPA free.

  • Keep it Germ Free
    Squeeze the trigger to expose the protected straw, release it to retract, completely protecting it!

  • Save Money
    No more spending money on overpriced bottled waters! Refill your Waterfiller bottle over and over!

  • Be Hands Free
    Our one-hand technology allows you to drink with one hand only, and our lanyard keeps your water bottle close with no hands needed!

  • Save Time & Money
    Forget hauling dozens of water bottles home from the supermarket, recycling, and restocking.

  • Dishwasher Safe
    Parents work hard enough! No scrubbing required!

One Waterfiller Water Bottle


1 sports water bottle
3 carbon filers 


Two Waterfiller Water Bottles


2 sports water bottles
6 carbon filers 


Three Waterfiller Water Bottles


3 sports water bottles
9 carbon filters